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by ainsworth74
Feb 14 2005
Forum: Military - Defense and Operations Departments
Topic: Nuclear explosion effects
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Also to do with Juergens point 2 missle sheilds should not be able to take down cruise missles and the like, also don't have it like Rise of Nations where missle shields protect units on the opposite side of the map outside your territory, perhaps it would be better to protect every thing in side yo...
by ainsworth74
Sep 04 2004
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Research / Tech Tree - Important Question
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I want to stress that this is only being considered for the US (okay... maybe France, and Japan too). But what about the Uk we have reactors. (There is one just up the road from where i live!). So I am thinking why France and Japan? I am all for just the US option A, and every else option B. But Fr...
by ainsworth74
Jul 23 2004
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: When?
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Is there any rough idea about when SR2010 is going to be realesed.
And is it going to be released world wide at the same time, I ask this because I live in the uk and I can't wait for it to be released.



"Let slip the dogs of war"
by ainsworth74
Apr 18 2004
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Question
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I have got something to ask, when is SR2010 going to be released!


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