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by Nemesis
Dec 03 2002
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Stationary Fortifications, Radar Sites, SAM Sites
Replies: 26
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On the subject of radar capabilities. Will radar capabilities be available on other military units besides the AWACS? An examply might be a cruiser (ship) or aircraft carrier. If these ships venture into enemy waters their radar would also provide coverage and support to fighter/attack planes overhe...
by Nemesis
Jun 19 2002
Forum: Military - Defense and Operations Departments
Topic: Spy, Spy, everywhere a Spy?
Replies: 16
Views: 6659

Personally I'm more in favor of using Intelligence (spying) as a resource similar to technology research. You as a leader establish an Intelligence Network (or Agency) and assign regions to be spied upon, allocating Intelligence resources to areas you feel most require your attention. Perhaps this c...

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