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by lemmy
Feb 02 2003
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: RTS the way to go.
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I must say i'm surprised at the amount of serious dicussion this thread has generated, since it was started which such an obvious troll... On 2002-10-14 14:11, Doc wrote: why do so many people think that Turned based games are more realistic? Did Lee wait for grant to poistion his troops before he a...
by lemmy
Jul 09 2002
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Distribution
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.And months later and with lots of troubles and missunderstandings I finally got it,
he already got it
by lemmy
Jul 08 2002
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Get the word out
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and they also did their own spamming of course :grin: ... adid=52138

Sid Meier is also part Dutch :smile:

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by lemmy
Jul 04 2002
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: when we say a "HEX" , how much real world space are we talki
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do you think you could include an option to show the hexes, like the show grid option in civ3, me likes hexes.
by lemmy
Jun 27 2002
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Use of Space
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Communications satellites? (Affects military efficiency, etc) yes please Spy satellites? (lifts 'fog of war') oh yeah, this too... Killer satellites? sure, this could be fun Anything else that would make sense? If we allowed things such as the space station, what would it be used for? space station...
by lemmy
Jun 19 2002
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Natural Occurances
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YES!! random factors are good, no more linear growth, and real leadership would be needed to overcome a disaster...but don't make them too severe, one must be able to survive it to keep the game fun :smile: Or maybe increase the severity, or chance of a disaster slightly if you are a lot bigger then...
by lemmy
Jun 16 2002
Forum: Military - Defense and Operations Departments
Topic: My idea of how I would love the combat system to work.
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Was that long and confusing enough ?
i'm afraid it was :eek: :sad:
by lemmy
Jun 13 2002
Forum: Wish List
Topic: What do you want to see in Supreme Ruler 2010?
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less micromanagement near the end of the game, or at least a viable option not to mm.
by lemmy
Jun 11 2002
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: hmm touchy subject here, but I gotta ask.
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Shrapnel always says it does excellent on its own. They have made more than a few posts saying they will not use publishers or the retail system in which they explain the problems both seem to cause. Shrapnel actually is a publisher, but only sells online, and from what i hear, their developers are...
by lemmy
Jun 11 2002
Forum: Off Topic Comments
Topic: Favourite Game
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Emperor of the Fading Suns was certainly a great game, the idea was excellent, but the AI just sucked, very little diplomacy actually occured...and sometime the micromanaging was a real pain.. Fallout 1 and 2, IMO the best RPG's out there, also the first RPG's i played, so maybe i'm biased :wink: Hi...

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