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by prime_642
Nov 24 2005
Forum: Wish List
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A calculator for the transports. What i mean by this is th ability to see how many of one unit can fit into a transport. I would like to click a transport unit, and then a land unit, and a number will pop up showing me how many of that unit can fit into the transport.
by prime_642
Nov 21 2005
Forum: AI - Artificial Intelligence
Topic: Unit AI
Replies: 23
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For a simpler AI threat estimation, why don't you try using hex military sums? In this system, each military unit has an assigned 'unit value', relative to the strength of light infantry, which will arbitrarily be assigned the value of 1. Only infantry and tank units, and possible ADATS units, will ...
by prime_642
Nov 17 2005
Forum: General Discussion
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I agree with konan. To this day, ask any US WW2 Pacific theater veteran, and they'll say that they're still grateful to Truman for making the decision to dropping the bomb. I feel that instead of military approval being affected, your DAR should be affected, but only in proportion to casus belli and...
by prime_642
Oct 29 2005
Forum: SR2010 Support
Topic: Illinois Scenario
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Illinois Scenario

Not sure if this is a bug or a simple typo. In the US Northeast scenario, Illinois' capital is referred to in the "inteligence Report" email at the beginning of a game as Chicago, when in fact it is Springfield. If you play the scenario as Illinois, the e-mail refers to a conern being "the proximity...
by prime_642
May 06 2005
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Massive multi nation game...
Replies: 19
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I believe the maximum is 31 regions and the world market. Of those, 16 players can be human, and the rest must be AI.
by prime_642
May 04 2005
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: conquer country = conquer new technologies?
Replies: 13
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What about if you capture an entire region? For example, say, Poland, France, Italy, and Ukraine together overrun Germany. Would they all recieve the techs that Germany has? Would they recieve all the techs that Germany has that are in their tech level?
by prime_642
Apr 30 2005
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Promoting?
Replies: 16
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Speaking of other forums, SR2010 is on Wargamer's forum
by prime_642
Apr 22 2005
Forum: Military - Defense and Operations Departments
Topic: Mountain Divisions
Replies: 7
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The 10th Mountain Diviesion isn't really a 'mountain' division. The 10th Mountain Division is the Army's rapid deployment light infantry unit. Acoording to Global Security, they've been deployed more often than any other combat unit. I think they're simulated just fine by standard light infantry. Th...
by prime_642
Apr 21 2005
Forum: Scenarios
Topic: Any Nordic scenarios?
Replies: 18
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I'm not sure but i believe there was a topic about the storyline for the Scandanavian region posted by the Devs a long while ago. I can't seem to find it, but if i remember it had something to do with oil and fishing rights.
by prime_642
Apr 11 2005
Forum: Scenarios
Topic: Scenario question
Replies: 8
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Balthagor wrote: one of 9 players. (N. America, S. America, Europe, Mid East, Russia, Africa, Oceania, South Asia, India-Pakistan).
Are you sure that South Asia and India-Pakistan are both on the list? I mean, South Asia is widely considered to be the India-pakistan region. Did you mean to say East Asia?
by prime_642
Apr 09 2005
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Player Avatars
Replies: 22
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Why not have the type of symbol be associated with the government type the player selects? For example, a communist player would have a sickle and hammer and another symbol to stand for their country/region, while a monarchy/dictator could have a golden crown on top of whatever symbols and colors th...
by prime_642
Apr 08 2005
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Question on default 'difficulty'
Replies: 13
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Do even need a default? Why not just have a screen come up before the scenario start and on it, there are three(or four or five) choices. You pick the difficulty setting before every scenario. Unless the menu options are locked down... In which case, I say that the default setting should be a specia...
by prime_642
Apr 04 2005
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: "Larry Bond Contributes to Supreme Ruler 2010 "
Replies: 14
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It's definitely true, there's a news release on Wargamer announcing it.
by prime_642
Apr 04 2005
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: What features that didnt make the cut are you gonna miss ?
Replies: 80
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I'll actually miss unit heirarchy the most. No, I really don't blame the devs for not putting it in. It would require an insane amount of work, but still, I really don't want to have to control my forces by individual battalions, expecially if i play as all of Germany and have perhaps a thousand. Th...
by prime_642
Apr 04 2005
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: didn't know what to call it off the top of my head
Replies: 10
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Well, if two nations ally, then one nation can send troops through the second nation to fight a third (and/or fourth) nation. I guess you could set up your scenario so that the USA and Iraq are allied, and the Soviet Uniion and Iran are allied. The two sides declare war on each other, and the massiv...

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