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by Iberia441
Oct 14 2018
Forum: General Discussion - 2020
Topic: Possible Map Editor release for SR 2020 Gold?
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Possible Map Editor release for SR 2020 Gold?

Dear Developers, As a fan of Supreme Ruler 2020, I was wondering if there would ever be a map editor release that would be compatible for the 2020 iteration of the franchise. I'm sure some of us Luddites would greatly appreciate such a release, as it would unleash untapped potential with respect to ...
by Iberia441
Aug 19 2018
Forum: Scenarios, Mods and More - 2020
Topic: Greater Korean Republic 2020
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Greater Korean Republic 2020

A new MOD to grace the platform of Supreme Ruler 2020, this scenario envisions a future where the Korean peninsula has been reunited, but soon taken over by the ideological dictatorial successor to the former regime in Pyongyang. Combining a powerful economy, a strong military, and a desire to alter...
by Iberia441
Apr 20 2018
Forum: Diplomacy - 2020
Topic: Embassy Relations problem
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Embassy Relations problem

Hello all, I've been making a few modified scenarios for my own enjoyment, but there is an issue with one I am potentially going to post. I am trying to ensure that the nation in question has no embassy with the United States. However, even modifying the relations with the CVP file still results in ...

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